A.F. Theriault Certifications

Quality craftsmanship is essential in the boat building industry, and this is why we maintain the highest possible trades certification. A.F. Theriault & Son Boatyard is completely up-to-date with all our Canadian welding certifications. We are fully qualified in all aspects of marine welding of steel and aluminum, providing peace of mind to our clients and those who will take to sea in our boats.

Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) - Welding Certifications

  • CSA Standard W47.1 - Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel
  • CSA Standard W47.2 - Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Aluminum
  • American Boat and Yacht Council(ABYC) - Tradesperson Certification

  • Marine Systems
  • Marine Corrosion
  • Marine Electrical
  • Composite Boat Builder

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A. F. Theriault & Son Ltd.
P.O. Box 10
9027 Highway 1
Meteghan River
Nova Scotia
B0W 2L0   Canada

Phone: 902.645.2327
Fax: 902.645.2174
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Currently in production:

100-foot Production Barge for Cooke Aquaculture - Hull S807

50-foot Fiberglass Lobster Boat - Hull F832

79-foot HRM Passenger Ferry - Hull S841

79-foot HRM Passenger Ferry - Hull S842

50-foot Steel Lobster Boat - Hull S843

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